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August 31, 2018

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How to make Cold Brew Coffee

July 30, 2016

Summer is here and it is hot hot hot. And one of the best ways to cool down the heat (in our humble opinion) is to make and drink some refreshing cold brew coffee.


The art of making a cold brew is actually surprisingly easy. There are many ways to make it but today we are going to show you Laure's recipe for making a cold brew.

What you need


  • 60g whole coffee beans (fresh, light/medium roast)

  • 120ml of 90°c filtered water and 900ml of cold filtered water

  • Ice, Milk, Sugar, fruits, sparkling water, liquor (your preference)





  1. Grind the coffee beans: Grind 60g of a freshly light/medium roast coffee (Medium Fine grind) (If you don't have a grinder, you can use freshly grind coffee powder, make sure it is a medium fine grind)

  2. Add the ground coffee: Put the ground coffee into the filter.

  3. Preinfusion: Start by preinfusing with 120gr of 90°c filtered water. After 1 minute, add 900gr of cold filtered water. It is very important that all the ground are wet and covered by the water.

  4. Steep: Leave the bottle in the fridge overnight (approximatively 10 hours) and enjoy it in the morning!

Additional Notes
  • We love to filter it one more time using a V60 paper filter to have a clearest finish.
  • You can keep this delicious coffee for 3-4 days in the fridge.
  • Also, Cold Brew coffee could be used as a base for a lot of summer cocktails. You can add fruits, sparkling water or even liquor, let your imagination run wild!


So, there you have it, Laure's Cold brew recipe! If you want to know more about other cold brew recipes and brewing methods, be sure to join our summer iced-coffee seminars at Drop-by cafe with Laure!












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