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Top 5 Cafes in Omotesando/Harajuku (Omohara) for Good Latte

August 31, 2018

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The World's 1st Caffeine Charge Bar/Cafe

September 1, 2017

The title got you didn't it?



So what is a Caffeine Charge?


Well, the idea is to take organic coffee, black and green tea and turn them into energy drinks in the form of espresso shots. Yes, green tea energy drinks. Imagine, "green tea red bull". It is either an awesome idea or a really bad one. Welcome to Caffeineholic.


I took a deep breath, said a silent prayer and stepped into the cafe/bar for my first "green tea red bull".

The interior feels stylish, modern and minimal. It is a small place designed to be more of a coffee stand than a place for people to hang around. The idea is simple...get tired and sleepy people to come in, drink a caffeine shot, wake up and go.

Caffeineholic is located in Toranomon, salaryman central - the heart of Tokyo's business district. This is the perfect place to locate a caffeine shot cafe/bar. There are more sleep and caffeine-deprived office workers per square meter here than anywhere else in the world.

I went ahead and ordered a green tea espresso shot The barista explained that the espresso is very strong so I should add a big spoonful of sugar. Well, for those of you who know me - I don't usually like to follow instructions. So, I took a big sip of the green tea espresso - straight.

Immediately, visions of the tea fields in Shizuoka flashed across my mind and I could see tea farmers picking green tea. Woah, that was intense, I didn't feel the caffeine but the superman strong green tea bitterness sure woke me up! 

Ok, maybe I should follow instructions and add sugar (yes please!).

After putting down a big spoonful of sugar (yes please!) into the green tea espresso. Yes, it did taste much better with some sweetness in my life.


But hey, it's green tea espresso.


You drink it for the caffeine. The caffeine worked for sure, my friend who was with me drank the long green tea espresso couldn't sleep all night (ok, ok, our fault for drinking espresso at 6:45pm).


And guess what? There're more quirks to this cafe/bar...are you ready for it?

You can also have your black/green tea espresso infused in milk (latte), water or sparkling water (long) and....in beer!


Beer? Beer! Beer? 


I wonder how it works? Here's the kicker. Espresso gives you power and energizes you while beer slows you down and makes you feel relaxed - so you might feel your heart beating fast and relaxed at the same time? Another LOL moment.

I am not a beer drinker so I didn't give it a go but if you are adventurous enough, try it and let me know how it feels to be energetic and relaxed at the same time ;)


Despite the quirky drinks, they serve pretty decent hotdogs, you could customize your hotdog by choosing your bread, dog, sauce and topping. 

What I really like about this cafe/bar are the friendly baristas. One of them took the time to explained to me that because they are a cafe/bar, they have two logos: one that represents a cafe and one that represents a bar. The logo of a mustached man represents the bar while the logo of a clean-shaven man represents the cafe.